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Charitable Bequests & Estate Planning

If you would like a pro bono estate planner to assist you in a making a bequest to either organization, please contact the Foundation at [email protected].

Outright Bequests. Donors can leave assets to the J. Luce Foundation as part of their overall estate planning. The Foundation has benefited from four estate bequests so far, which has helped the organization and our efforts tremendously.

Charitable Gift Annuities. Donor makes a current gift and receives an income stream back from the Foundation in return. For example, a $100,000 gift is made to the Jim Luce Foundation, the foundation may keep $30,000 and use the $70,000 balance to pay the income stream to the donor. In this example, the donor will receive a current income tax deduction for the $30,000 gift.

Gift of Life Insurance. Donor either transfers and existing policy or purchases a new life insurance policy with the J. Luce Foundation as the owner and beneficiary of the cash value and life insurance death benefit. Therefore, the donors premium are tax-deductible, build cash value the Foundation can use on a yearly basis, and generates a highly leveraged gift in the form of the future death benefit. This creates what would have been an unaffordable gift by the donor and enhances the giving campaign of the Foundation without detracting from current donations. The reason it does not detract from current donations is because cash value inside the life insurance policy can be used by the Foundation while the donor is alive.

Charitable Remainder Trusts. Donor moves a highly appreciated, therefore highly taxable asset into a trust that is owned by the J. Luce Foundation. The donor can then liquidate their asset completely tax-free, receive an income stream from the trust while they’re alive and simply pledge at least 10% of current fair market value to the Foundation when they pass away. This allows the donor a significant tax benefit on their appreciated asset, collect an income stream, receive a current tax-deduction for the amount pledged to the Foundation (10%) and donate to the Foundation in a meaningful way.

Charitable Lead Annuity Trusts. Donor would like to accomplish two main objectives. The first objective is to secure a large tax deduction on their income in the current year. The second objective is to leverage their gift to provide substantially more of a donation at their passing than the amount given to the trust. While the donor is alive, the trust pays an ongoing annuity to the foundation and ultimately provides a “balloon” payment to both charity and family upon the donor’s passing, where both balloon payments are typically substantially more than the amount donated to the trust.

E-newsletter, Connecting Goodness.

Our Fellows are to coordinate the publication of our e-newsletter, Connecting Goodness, on a monthly basis to our 9,841 email subscribers, beginning in 2018.  Join our mailing list here.

Social Media. 

Now 66,000+. The Foundation, OIWW, and Jim Luce each maintain a robust social media presence, spanning from Facebook and LinkedIn to The Huffington Post and Stewardship Report. We often ‘spotlight’ individuals or institutions uplifting humanity.  As of Nov 1, we have 66,423 social media Followers for the last 68 months we have tracked it.


Additional J. Luce Foundation-affiliated Links

Due to a commitment to low overhead, The James Jay Dudley Luce Foundation cannot accept unsolicited proposals for grants but welcomes press-releases and content for possible ‘spotlighting.’

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