Global Advisory Initiative

The J. Luce Foundation’s Global Advisor Program began in 2015 with 18 Global Advisors. In 2016, 54 professionals had committed themselves to serve as Global Advisors. By 2018, we had over 60 Sr. Global Advisors and 55 Global Advisors. The Global Advisors advise the Founder, Board of Directors and Executive Staff on issues related to operation of our programs as well as mentor individual participants of our Young Global Leadership Initiative.

Our Global Advisors (GA’s) assist our Mission not only with their expertise and mentoring, but with their give-or-get contributions which average $1,000 per year, paid either monthly or annually. They are eligible to receive a framed certificate, a published biography, and discounts with our corporate sponsors, incl. Swap The Biz, etc. In addition, they may receive membership in our New York Global Leaders Lions & Leo Club and the Foundation’s Toastmasters Club. Since the beginning of 2016 we have included our Corporate Sponsors as GA’s.


Global Advisor Seminar Series

Our Global Advisors (GA’s) may choose to host a seminar on an area of expertise for foundation’s Young Global Leaders. Past seminars cover topics including Wellness & World Citizenship, Debt & The American Dream, An Overview of Immigration Laws & The Paths to Legal Status for Youth in America. Global Advisors also provide training in public speaking for members of our Toastmasters Club and hold writing and videography workshops for our Young Global Leaders. 



Wellness & World Citizenship: Youth As Agent of Changes

Hosted by Dr. Alex Eingorn

Debt & The American Dream: Legal Wisdom in Handling Bankruptcy

Hosted by Wayne Greenwald, Esq.

An Overview of Immigration Laws & The Paths to Legal Status for Youth

Hosted by Prof. Lenni Benson

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