Young Global Leadership Initative

The J. Luce Foundation Young Global Leadership Initiative

(Facebook) was launched in 2016 as an enhanced Internship Program to empower young global leaders wishing to better humanity to think, write, speak, organize, and utilize social media more effectively. The initiative consists of several tracks including Young Global Leaders, a 200-hour commitment to serving humanity & professional training and development, to Sr. Young Global Leaders, graduates of the Initiative who remain to assist the foundation and mentor new YGLs. Many move into higher organizational positions such as Staff, Board, or Global Advisor.

The Initiative includes leadership opportunities such as the New York Global Leaders Lions & Leos Club (Facebook), as well as our own Luce Leadership Experience focusing on international humanitarian trips to countries such as Greece, Indonesia and Jamaica.

Global Advisor Mentorship Program

Young Global Leaders graduated from the Summer Initiative can sign up for the program to be mentored by a Global Advisor of the foundation. The mentor and mentee will meet or connect over the phone for at least one hour a month.

Global Advisor Seminar Series

Our Sr. Global Advisors will host a total of six hour-long seminars for Young Global Leaders on an area of their expertise. Young Global Leaders are required to attend at least four seminars in order to graduate from the initiative. See our past seminars here.

New York Global Leaders Lions & Leos Club

Launched on February 5, 2016 – after three years of discussions – a Lions Club to serve members of our Board of Directors, Global Advisors, as well as Luce Leaders, Fellows, and Scholars. We now have access to 5,600 Lions members in New York City/Long Island. 

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